Graduate Policy Advisory Committee
Committee reports to: Provost and Executive Vice President

The Graduate Policy Advisory Committee is designed to consider updates to University graduate policies. The committee does not enact or enforce policies but serves as an advisory panel that presents recommendations to Graduate Council. The chairperson and vice chairperson are elected by members of the committee. Each college will appoint a representative to serve on the committee. The term of service for committee members is three years (renewable indefinitely). The term of service for the chairperson and vice chairperson is one year (renewable indefinitely). To be eligible, members must have graduate faculty status and a strong record of advising graduate students or serving in graduate-specific administrative roles. Since the committee is an advisory panel, there are no voting members and no ex-officio members.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Babski-Reeves, Kari Bagley College of Engineering Chair 2025
Balakrishnan, Bimal College of Architecture, Art, and Design 2025
Bullard, Steve College of Forest Resources 2026
Drake, Nathan The Graduate School Vice Chair 2026
Franz, Dana Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness 2026
Gallo, Cory College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 2026
Henry, Brien The Graduate School 2026
King, Stephanie College of Education 2025
Ponder, Nicole College of Business 2025
Robinson, Teri MSU Libraries 2026
Ryan, Peter Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President 2026
Shaw, Emily Office of the Registrar 2026
Sherman-Morris, Kathleen College of Arts & Sciences 2026
Smith, David College of Veterinary Medicine 2026