Standing Committee Review Board
Committee reports to: President

The review board shall make recommendations to the President on the organization, membership structure, and duties of assigned standing committees. In addition, they will review and recommend any needed committee structure and/or composition description changes. Likewise, the board will review one-third of the standing committees annually and shall be a resource for committee chairs.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Baham, Jeremy Student Affairs A
Banik, Robert President, Robert Holland Faculty Senate A
Brown, Ashli Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine A
Cory, Jason President, Staff Council A
Dunne, Jim Academic Affairs Chair A
Echols, Katie Research and Economic Development A
Edelblute, Kevin Finance and Administration A
Herndon, Ellie President, Student Association A
Jackson, Christine Access, Opportunity and Success A
Perry, Jay Athletics A
Tucker, Luke President, Graduate Student Association A
Way, Erica Development and Alumni A