Graduate Council
Committee reports to: Provost and Executive Vice President

The Graduate Council is the executive committee of the Graduate Faculty and is responsible for the formulation of academic policy and programs related to graduate study at Mississippi State University. In addition, the Council may advise the Dean of the Graduate School on any matter they or the Dean feel is appropriate. The Chairperson of the Graduate Council is elected by and from the members of the Council. The Council consists of one elected member from each of the eight academic colleges offering graduate study (programs), and one less in number (seven) appointed by the Provost and Executive Vice President. Not more than two appointed faculty members may be from the same college or school. To be eligible for membership on the Council, appointed or elected members must have Level 1 status on the Graduate Faculty. The term of office is three years. A vacancy on the Council is filled in the same manner in which the member vacating the position was selected. In addition to the faculty, the Council has one graduate student representative who is usually the president of the Graduate Student Association. She/he is a voting member, and the term of office is one year. Ex officio members of the Graduate Council include the Dean of the Graduate School, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Provost and Executive Vice President, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Dean of University Libraries, Director of Center for Distance Education, Associate Vice President & Executive Director of the International Institute, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, Chairman of the University Committee on Courses and Curricula, and Associate Registrar.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Ambinakudige, Shrinidhi College of Arts & Sciences A 2025
Armstrong, Kevin College of Arts and Sciences E 2025
Beriswill, Joanne College of Education E 2026
Carr, Russell College of Veterinary Medicine Vice Chair E 2025
Fitzkee, Nick College of Arts & Sciences E 2025
Franz, Dana Director of Academic Quality, Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness Ex-Officio
Fulton, Glen College of Architecture, Art, and Design E 2026
Hanson, Larry College of Veterinary Medicine A 2025
Harkess, Richard College of Agriculture & Life Sciences E 2026
Henry, Brien Associate Dean of the Graduate School Ex-Officio
Highfield, Mike College of Business E 2025
Hill, Priscilla Bagley College of Engineering E 2024
Hunt, Kevin College of Forest Resources A 2025
Orozco-Aleman, Sandra College of Business A 2023
Pankl, Lis Dean of University Libraries Ex-Officio
Perkins, Andy Chair, University Committee on Courses and Curricula Ex-Officio
Renninger, Heidi College of Forest Resources E 2025
Reynolds, Dan Assistant Vice President/Executive Director, International Institute Ex-Officio
Robichaux-Davis, Rebecca College of Education Chair A 2025
Ryan, Peter Executive Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School Ex-Officio
Seal, Susan Dean, College of Professional and Continuing Studies Ex-Officio
Sescu, Adrian Bagley College of Engineering A 2024
Shaw, David Provost and Executive Vice President Ex-Officio
Shaw, Emily University Registrar Ex-Officio
Tucker, Luke Graduate Student Association President A 2024
Wamsley, Kelly College of Agriculture and Life Sciences A 2025
Wright, Lauren Director of the International Institute Ex-Officio