Galleries and Museums Committee
Committee reports to: Provost and Executive Vice President

Provides liaison among exhibition areas on campus. Makes recommendations concerning security, advertising, scheduling, and insurance of exhibits and displays. Representatives are nominated. No specified term. Reports to the Provost and Executive Vice President.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Altomante, Jenna Faculty Senate 2024
Anderson, Derek Cobb Archaeology
Ayers, Chris Osteology Collection
Carvalho Costa, Adriana Cully Cobb Historic Tool Collection
Clary, Renee Dunn-Seiler Museum
Clary, Renee Tree Trail
Folk, Ryan Herbarium
Forrester, Kylie Colvard Gallery
Gregory, Kate Library Galleries and Archives
Hill, JoVonn MS Entomological Museum
Lambert, Shawn Cobb Archaeology
Malaia, Kateryna Giles Architecture Gallery
McCullough, Sarah Library Cultural Development & Outreach
Mellen, Lucy Student Association 2024
Moe-Hoffman, Amy Dunn-Seiler Museum Chair
Neuenfeldt, Lori College of Architecture, Art & Design McComas, Cullis Wade, Vis Arts Center
Neuenfeldt, Lori Historic Costumes Collection
Seltzer-Hill, Jennifer Bug Blues
Stevens, Cristi Cullis & Gladys Wade Clock Museum & Welcome Center
Stratton, Kasee TK Martin Center, Marth Lipsey Gallery
Tanner, Angelle Physics and Astronomy