Athletic Council
Committee reports to: President

Advises the President on matters pertaining to athletics.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Bailey, Joey Deputy Athletics Dir Strategic Initiatives and Admin, Athletics
Baker, Beth Associate Extension Professor, FWRC 2024
Banik, Robert President, Robert Holland Faculty Senate 2024
Dye, Lisa Staff Council 2024
Felker, Rockey M-Club
Fountain, Brent Faculty Athletic Representative Chair
Hardin, Jimmy Professor & Director, Cobb Institute 2024
Jackson, Christine Athletic Academic Support Services
Keenum, Mark E. President
Marler, Laura Professor and Head, Department of Management and Information Systems 2024
McFatridge, Carson President, Student Association 2025
Miller, Lyndsey Associate Professor, Interior Design 2025
Prentice, Terry Deputy AD & GM of SA Brand Dev
Robichaux-Davis, Rebecca Professor & Director, Curriculum, Inst. & Special Ed. 2025
Salter, Sid Vice President for Strategic Communications and Chair, Special Events & Game Day Committee
Selmon, Zac Director of Athletics
Shaw, David Provost and Executive Vice President
Summerlin, Peter Professor, Landscape Architecture 2026
Tagert, Mary Love Associate Extension Professor, Ag & Bio Engineering 2026
Toney, Jerry Alumni Association
Tschume, Jacob Instructor II, Mathematics and Statistics 2026
Walk, Becca Student Athlete Advisory Committee 2024
Wilson, Bryan Bulldog Club Board of Directors