Promotion and Tenure Committee
Committee reports to: Provost and Executive Vice President

Advises the Provost and Executive Vice President on matters pertaining to promotion and tenure. Acts as an appeal committee for individual faculty members whose nomination for promotion or tenure has been denied. One representative elected by each college and the library consisting of nine full-time, tenured faculty members with Rank 2 and above, elected in the spring by majority vote of tenure-track members with Rank 1 and above for three-year staggered terms. Additionally, one representative elected for each professional-track faculty member of Rank 2 or higher, elected in the spring by the majority vote of the corresponding ranks of Rank 1 or above for three-year staggered terms. Members may serve two consecutive three-year terms, excluding partial terms. Service begins in the fall semester and concludes at the end of the first summer term. Chair elected annually by committee and is a full voting member. Reports to the Provost and Executive Vice President.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Aarhus, Craig College of Education E 2025
Altomante, Jenna College of Architecture, Art & Design E 2026
Anthony, Kelli Instructor Representative E 2026
Archer, Todd College of Veterinary Medicine E
Dale, Melody Library E 2025
Dutta, Dipangkar College of Arts & Sciences E 2026
Grala, Robert College of Forest Resources E 2025
Lu, Shien College of Agriculture & Life Sciences E 2026
Moore, Robert College of Business E 2025
Nagel, Athena Teaching Professor Representative E 2026
Tagert, Mary Love Clinical/Extension/Research Professor Representative E 2025
Zhang, Li Bagley College of Engineering E 2024