Special Events and Game Day Operations
Committee reports to: Vice President for Finance and Administration

The committee plans, coordinates and directs special events, including external (outside the stadium) game day operations.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Banik, Robert Robert Holland Faculty Senate
Bourgeois, Thomas Student Affairs
Davis, Jeff Alumni Association
Dumas, Jeremiah Ex-Officio
Elliott III, Jack Ex-Officio
Felton, Patrick Ex-Officio
Fountain, Brent Office of the Provost & Executive Vice President
Frazier, Will Ex-Officio
Greene, Tom Athletics
Inmon, Melissa Staff Council
Klipstein, Derek Ex-Officio
Logan, Jay Ex-Officio
Mayfield, Jennifer Finance
McFatridge, Carson Student Association
Mullen, Tabor Student Affairs
Neldon, Jack Ex-Officio
Potts, Les Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO
Ramsey, Saunders Ex-Officio
Robertson, Dale Ex-Officio
Rogers, Kenny Campus Police
Salter, SId Vice President for Strategic Communications Chair
Steward, Kyle Office of the President
Tschume, Shelby Ex-Officio
Verdell, Tommy Ex-Officio
White, Ronnie Ex-Officio