Conflict of Interest Review Committee
Committee reports to: Vice President for Research and Economic Development

The Conflict of Interest Review Committee (CIRC) reviews university research relationships for potential conflicts of interest. The committee is charged with ensuring that the personal interest of a researcher in, or commitment to, entities outside the University does not compromise or appear to compromise his or her objectivity in performing a research project, in mentoring students involved in a research project, or in reporting the results of a research project conducted under the auspices of Mississippi State University.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Blank, Brian College of Business A 2024
Coatney, Kalyn College of Agriculture and Life Sciences A 2024
Cobb, Nicole Research Compliance Officer and Assistant Director, Research Compliance & Security
Corey, Leslie Human Resources Management Ex-Officio A
Cory, Jason Staff Council Ex-Officio
Davis, Jenny Auditor Ex-Officio
Dooley, Kathy College of Education A 2024
Grebner, Don College of Forest Resources A 2024
Haupt, Jeffrey College of Architecture, Art and Design A 2024
Lawrence, Mark College of Veterinary Medicine A 2024
Lucas, Joan General Counsel Ex-Officio
Moffatt, Bart College of Arts and Sciences A 2024
Randall, Carrie-Beth Community Representative A 2024
Strawderman, Lesley Bagley College of Engineering A 2024
Strickland, Kacey Executive Director for Research Administration Ex-Officio