Work-Life Balance Committee
Committee reports to: Provost and Executive Vice President

The purpose of the Work-Life Balance Committee is to offer support for faculty and staff facing work-life balance issues; provide information and resources to faculty and staff seeking information about work-life balance options; and act as a liaison between those seeking policy changes and those in charge of policy changes related to work-life balance. Members are nominated by the committee and then approved/appointed by the Provost and Executive Vice President and serve for two-year terms.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Baker, JuLeigh Health Promotion & Wellness A
Fountain, Brent Food, Science, Nutrition, Health Promotion A
Gibson, Tamara Sr. IT Consultant Chair A
Kelly, Carmen VP for Research
Long, Lisa Presidents Commission on the Status of Women A
Morris, Shlynn Graduate School
Ratcliff, Cindy Staff Council 2024
Rester, Julie Human Resources Management A
Staton, Lori School of Human Sciences
Swindell, Marian MSU-Meridian A
Thomas, Kim Human Resources Managament A
Tseng, Paul Faculty Senate A 2024
Vaughn, Mary Assessment & Testing Services Treasurer 2023
Zuckerman, Molly Anthropology/Middle Eastern Culture