Security, Video Management and Access Control Committee
Committee reports to: Vice President for Student Affairs

Sets university standards for locks, video security management systems, emergency lighting, access control and any other security protocols required to protect and enhance safety on any MSU owned property or facilities. Reviews and ensures that all projects related to security, video and access control systems that are submitted to master planning and all other projects as it relates to MSU owned or controlled buildings or on MSU property meet campus standards. Considers requests for changes to security related items, access control and video management and makes recommendations for review of OP 91.315.

Name Title / Dept. Position Elected / Appointed Term Expires
Bourgeois, Thomas Dean of Students
Buffum, Don Associate Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer
Crocker, Brent Emergency Manager
Dumas, Jeremiah Executive Director, Transportation
Olivier, Nelson Life Safety Officer
Parrott, Steve Chief Information Officer
Potts, Les Associate Vice President for Administration
Robinson, Colorado Director, Risk Management
Rogers, Ken Interim Chief of Police