College of Arts & Sciences Professional Development in Teaching Grants Inaugural Call for Applications, Calendar Year 2024

The College of Arts & Sciences is committed to fostering high-quality instruction and dynamic teaching practices that prepare our students to attain their personal and professional goals. To allow faculty to pursue continuous growth in high-quality instruction, the College of Arts & Sciences announces a new grant program to encourage professional development in teaching. Grants will provide faculty support to attend a teaching focused conference or workshop and a stipend once grantees have demonstrated implementation of a new idea or technique.

General Information:

  • Eligibility: Applications are welcome from all permanent, full-time faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences. Priority will be given to those who are most directly involved in teaching at the undergraduate level, especially those focused on lower level or gateway undergraduate courses.
  • The portal will open for submissions November 1 with a deadline of November 30. Awards will be announced by December 15 for travel in calendar year 2024.
  • The award will fund attendance at a teaching focused conference or workshop (up to $4000) and requires a departmental match of at least one-third of the total amount requested. Also, it provides a $500 stipend for implementing a new idea or technique in one or more of their courses.
  • Grantees will be required to submit 2 reports through the portal; 1) a report describing how they plan to implement at least one idea or technique from the conference or workshop into a course they are or will be teaching, and 2) a report describing their implementation of a new idea or technique. The first report must be submitted within 30 days after the travel is completed for travel funds to be transferred and the second report must be submitted within 30 days of the end of the semester in which they implemented the idea(s) or technique(s) to receive the stipend. Additionally, grantees will be expected to share ideas and insights with others in the college through an approved outlet such as conducting a workshop or giving a talk.

Proposal Specifics:

  • A compliant proposal submission will contain a Proposal Cover Sheet (web form) and a Full Proposal Document described below. The proposal must follow the format included in this RFP.
  • You can enter the proposal submission portal by clicking the Login button in the upper right of this Professional Development in Teaching Grant web page. To create a new proposal and to enter the submission portal, click on the + New request box.
  • The submission portal will request that you enter the following information in a web form (Proposal Cover Sheet):
    • Applicant NetID, Name, and Contact Information
    • Applicant Title/Faculty Rank
    • Departmental Affiliation
    • Name of conference or workshop
    • Conference or workshop location
    • Conference or workshop dates
    • Proposed budget information (e.g. registration, travel, and any other expenses)
  • The portal provides a browse and upload function to upload the Full Proposal Document (PDF format). The Full Proposal Document must consist of the following in a single PDF document not to exceed 2 pages (12-pt, Times New Roman font; one-inch margins, single-spaced):
    • Description of the conference or workshop
    • Explanation of why this particular conference or workshop would be beneficial along with any specific goals for attending
    • Description of the applicant's typical teaching assignment including number of sections and approximate number of students enrolled
    • Additional information to support the request (see review criteria below). This may include evidence of successful prior efforts to incorporate innovative teaching methods in courses, specific student outcomes the faculty member would like to address, or specific needs for professional development.
  • When all required information is entered, the Full Proposal Document is uploaded, and you have reviewed all materials and are ready to submit, click the Submit for Approval box at the bottom of the page.
  • After successful submission, you will receive a confirmation and your proposal will be routed to the department head for review and approval. If you do not receive an electronic confirmation, please contact Assistant Dean Kathy Sherman-Morris at
  • Once the department head approves, the applicant and business manager are sent a confirmation and the proposal is routed automatically until the review process is complete.
  • Proposals must be submitted and approved through the head via the A&S Funding Opportunities Web Portal by November 30, 2023.
  • Questions about the nature of the grant, the application process, or submission process can be directed to Assistant Dean Kathy Sherman-Morris at

Review Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by a panel that may consist of the college's dean, associate or assistant deans, and faculty recognized for excellence in teaching.

Merit review guidelines are as follows:

  1. Is it clear how attending this conference or workshop in particular will benefit the faculty member's teaching? Does the applicant demonstrate the value of this conference/workshop?
  2. Are there specific goals for attending? Does the applicant convey a vision for the type of changes they would like to make in their course or any specific deficit they are trying to address? How likely are these goals to be met?
  3. How many students are likely to benefit from inclusion of new methods or techniques in the faculty member's course?
  4. Does the faculty member provide a compelling justification for funding?